Winnie Fink, Principal

Winnie Fink quickly comprehends her clients’ business and prioritizes authentic relationships, making her a sought after partner. Beginning her full-time cloud services journey in 2006 as a Quick Base (formerly QuickBase) solutions provider, she is recognized as one of the most experienced and accomplished Quick Base developers. As the cloud services market has grown, so has Winnie’s expertise. She continues to work diligently to ensure her clients are utilizing the best systems to maximize effectiveness, productivity and efficiency.

Prior to working in the cloud services market, Winnie managed service provider teams and operations, and served as a dynamic, highly-recognized trainer, coach and teacher. She brings those skills and learning to her relationships with her clients.

When not wrangling data and systems, Winnie spends as much time as possible on the tennis court,  wandering the back roads on her motorcycle, or hiking with her two beloved mutts in the East Bay hills.

Hailing from a small town in southeast Kansas, from birth Winnie had the fortune to have a neighbor three doors down who became part of her primary family. Cora Champion lived a life of service, integrity, and humor, with an aptitude for details and building relationships with her story telling. To honor Cora’s influence, Team707 is named after her home address, where she lived for more than 65 years, and inspires us to conduct our work in the same way she lived her life.