We are curious partners – we actively listen and investigate to achieve and exceed your expectations. We rapidly comprehend your business and priorities using our years of experience leading Software as a Service (SaaS)/ Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, workplace and project management, and training/coaching. Our work focuses on the tenets of 1) honoring our relationships, and 2) delivering exceptional customer service.


Working with our clients, we determine where the data is going, who needs to use it, identify gaps in the workflow, and the best plan for user access. The design is the foundation to tell your organization's story and know its standing.


On-time and on-budget, we translate the design into highly functional apps and integration solutions. Types of work vary from organization-wide implementations to targeted solutions in order to to relieve specific pain points and improve user groups’ experience.

Project Management

We provide expertise in managing multi-phase projects and long-term work. Goals are set and work is coordinated by understanding how the pieces fit together and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

We coach, teach, and provide on-going help desk assistance in a variety of configurations.


Service Scenarios

CLICK ON THE IMAGES or scroll down for detailed representations of partnership engagements. These are meant to provide an idea of what working with Team707 could look like. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of partnership.

Full Process Review and App Build with Custom Integration