Partnership Scenario

Workflow and Integration - QuickBase, Salesforce and Workato

initial Needs Description

A solar power systems provider has used Quick Base (formerly QuickBase) for several years to manage installation projects. Their marketing and sales teams decided to implement Salesforce for their sales activity tracking and marketing campaigns. Because of the pace at which the marketing, sales and project management pass-offs need to happen, they require a system that constantly updates information between Quick Base and Salesforce - when a change is made in one system, the other system needs to update accordingly. Prior to launching Salesforce, they sought help 1) figuring out any gaps in their workflow, and 2) choosing and setting up the tool to move the data.


  • Process Discovery: We met to examine their current sales and marketing processes, their hopes for Salesforce, and which users would access each system.
  • Workflow Gaps: There were gaps in their workflow, which we were able to identify and make a plan to address.
  • Tool Selection: We explored options for migration, given the data needs between systems, how it needed to move, the trigger and the budget for the work. Final options came down to a custom coding solution and using Workato. In the end, the client chose Workato.
  • Tool Set-up: Launched Workato to migrate the data between Quick Base and Salesforce. Prior to launch, we developed an integration plan, which included outlining triggers and field mapping. This made the actual set-up an easier task.
  • Testing/Revisions: After turning the Workato recipes on, we tested the workflow and made adaptations to the recipes and originating systems.
  • Launch: When client was ready to launch Salesforce, we turned both Salesforce and Workato "on" for all users. Team707 provided one-hour response time turnaround assistance over the first two days to ensure high success.
  • Post-Launch Support: As real work unfolded in Quick Base and Salesforce, process changes were required that affected when and what data migrated. In the weeks and months after launch, we continued to offer support. Primarily, this came in the form of coaching and advising the client systems administrator when challenges arose. We also provided vacation coverage for the client administrator and generally were available as needed.