Partnership Scenario

Coaching And Training - New App Administrator

initial Needs Description

A new app and process administrator was hired by the marketing team of a major security software company to support their cloud computing efforts. The marketing group had used their cloud platforms for several years, but did not have the resources to bring a new hire up to speed. To provide on-boarding support, the team sought coaching and training.


  • Goal Setting: The first work session was with the manager and new staff member. Goals were outlined and a work schedule set for the next four weeks. This included defining content per session, as well as setting the dates and time. Homework was agreed upon to be accomplished by the new administrator before the next session.
  • Sessions: For each session, we 1) reviewed the homework from the previous session, 2) discussed new question content discovered since the previous session and prioritized resolution, 3) worked on the session goal, and 4) addressed any “right now” work, as needed.
  • Help Desk: While the new administrator got up to speed, Team707 served as Help Desk Support. Client team members submitted help tickets. These were reviewed by the administrator and assigned to Team707 to resolve, as needed.